Place Trailing Stop-Loss Orders with Robinhood

Trailing stop-loss orders are an excellent way to take advantage of a security's bullish price movement while securing your gains and minimizing potential losses. Unfortunately, Robinhood doesn't offer a native method for placing trailing stop-loss orders, yet. However, we offer a solution. You can use this website to place trailing stop-loss orders for your Robinhood account.

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We only store information we need. Your login credentials are stored securely in a separate database using multi-layered encryption and used to establish a secure connection with Robinhood to place orders based on your trailing stop-loss criteria.


Place trailing stop-loss orders with us, and we’ll send a sell order to your Robinhood account as soon as your trigger price is reached.


We use ZeroMQ’s high-speed distributed messaging engine to manage the orders you place through our website. From there, we utilize a real-time top of book data feed to continually monitor your stocks.